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The difference between 3+2 and 4+1 on wire and cable

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There are single core and multi-core wire and cable points, there will be users who do not understand the question, 3+2 core and 4+1 core, looking at 5 core, there is no difference between the two in the end? This section describes the meanings and differences of 3+2 and 4+1 cores for wires and cables.

One, the difference between wire and cable

The wire is made up of one or more soft wires covered with a light and soft sheath.

A cable consists of one or more insulated wires covered with a tough metal or rubber outer layer.

2. 3+2 and 4+1 on the wire represent the number of cores of a cable. There are 2 or 3, 3+2, 4+1 and 5 wires insulated from each other in a cable, respectively, called 2 or 3 cores, 3+2 cores, 4+1 cores and 5 cores.

3. Take power cable YJV as an example

YJV 3 + 2 core

3 + 2 cable 3 is three phase line (L1, L2, L3 line, these three lines maximum diameter) line of the same diameter, 2 is the zero line and PE line, the line is used to pick up the zero line (N neutral wire, the diameter of the relative L1, L2, L3), a line is used to connect ground wire (PE protective grounding line, the relative diameter L1, L2, L3 is small).

Four, YJV 4+1 core

4 of the 4+1 cable is the three phase lines and the diameter of the zero line is the same, 1 is the PE grounding line is a single diameter; 4+1 means that a cable consists of four lines, one of which is used to connect the live line (L1 phase line), one of which is used to connect the neutral line (N neutral line), and one of which is used to connect the ground line (PE grounding protection line).




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