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Overhead Twisted 4X25mm2 Abc Aluminum Aerial Power Cable Electric Wire Street Lights ABC Cable

ABC cable usage
This cable is mainly used for street lighting, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, and temporary laying in buildings. This cable is used for phase voltages of 600V and below. The temperature of polyethylene insulated conductors cannot exceed 75 ℃, and the temperature of cross-linked polyethylene insulated conductors cannot exceed 90 ℃.

ABC cables meet or exceed the following specifications
ASTM B-230 1350-H19 Aluminum Wire for Electrical Purposes

ASTM B-231 Concentric Stranded Aluminum Conductors

ASTM B-232 steel core aluminum stranded wire

ASTM B-399 Concentric Stranded 6201-T81 Aluminum Alloy Conductors

ASTM B-901 Compact Round Strand Aluminum Conductors with Single Input Metal Wire Structure

ABC cables meet or exceed the requirements of ANSI/ICEA S-76-474 specifications.
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ABC cable overhead line is a commonly used power transmission line, consisting of three conductors: phase conductor, neutral conductor, and grounding conductor. This type of overhead line is commonly used for power supply in urban and rural areas, and its design and installation are strictly regulated and standardized.

Phase conductors are the main transmission lines in ABC cable overhead lines, which undertake the task of power transmission. Neutral conductors are used to balance current, reduce voltage fluctuations, and provide protection for the system. The grounding wire is used to introduce current underground to ensure the safety of the system.

ABC cable overhead lines have multiple advantages. Firstly, it can reduce the occupation of land, and compared to underground cables, the installation of overhead lines is more flexible and convenient. Secondly, maintenance and repair of overhead lines are easier, and faults can be quickly located and resolved. In addition, the cost of ABC cable overhead lines is relatively low, making it an economical and practical choice for areas with limited resources.

In summary, ABC cable overhead lines play an important role in the field of power transmission, and their design and use have been carefully considered to provide reliable power supply and meet the needs of different regions. Whether in urban or rural areas, ABC cable overhead lines are a reliable and efficient power transmission solution.

Introducing the BC Cable Overhead Line, a commonly used power transmission solution. This overhead line consists of three wires: phase wire, neutral wire, and grounding wire. Designed and installed according to strict regulations and standards, the BC Cable Overhead Line is ideal for supplying electricity in both urban and rural areas.

The phase wire, a vital component of the ABC Cable Overhead Line, is responsible for transmitting power efficiently. The neutral wire balances the current, reduces voltage fluctuations, and provides system protection. The grounding wire ensures system safety by directing the current into the ground.

With its reliable design and adherence to industry standards, the BC Cable Overhead Line is a trusted choice for power supply in various settings. Experience efficient and secure electricity transmission with the BC Cable Overhead Line.



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