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KVV Copper Core PVC Insulated PVC Sheathed KVV Cable 450/750 4-37 0.75-10 Laid Indoors in Fixed Locations Such As Cable Trenches And Pipelines

Control cables are PVC insulated and PVC sheathed control cables suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, energy and transportation departments, control and protection of AC rated voltage below 450/750 volts, and other occasions.

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Performance characteristics

DC resistance: 20 ℃, 0.4mm copper wire, ≤ 148 Ω/km, 0.5mm copper wire, ≤ 95 Ω/km.

2. Insulation electrical strength: 1 minute 1 kV non breakdown between conductors, 1 minute 3 kV non breakdown between conductors and shielding

3. Insulation resistance: Each core wire is grounded to the rest of the wire cores, with control cables greater than 10000M Ω. km and HYAT cables greater than 3000M Ω. km.

4. Working capacitance: average value 52 ± 2nF/km

5. Remote crosstalk defense: The average power of the specified combination at 150kHz is greater than 69dB/km.

Performance differences

Power cables are used in the backbone of the power system to transmit and distribute high-power electrical energy, and control cables to directly transmit electrical energy from the distribution points of the power system to the power connection lines of various electrical equipment and appliances. The rated voltage of power cables is generally 0.6/1kV and above, while control cables are mainly 450/750V. When producing power cables and control cables of the same specifications, the insulation and sheath thickness of the power cable is thicker than that of the control cable.

(1) Control cables belong to electrical equipment cables, and power cables are two of the five major categories of cables.

(2) The standard for control cables is 9330, and the standard for power cables is GB12706.

(3) The color of the insulation core of the control cable is generally black with white lettering, and low-voltage power cables are generally color separated.

(4) The cross-sectional area of control cables generally does not exceed 10 square meters, and power cables are mainly used for transmitting electricity, usually with a large cross-section.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, the specifications of power cables can generally be larger, up to 500 square meters (the range that conventional manufacturers can produce), and there are relatively few manufacturers that can produce even larger cross-sections. However, the cross-sectional area of control cables is generally smaller, with a maximum of no more than 10 square meters.

In terms of the number of cable cores, power cables generally have a maximum of 5 cores according to the requirements of the power grid, while control cables are used for transmitting control signals, with a larger number of cores. According to the standard, there are 61 cores, but they can also be produced according to user requirements. [1]


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